The body of Christ isn't asleep, Sen. Cruz. And it's not necessarily for you.

Ted Cruz is making with that "awaken the body of Christ" nonsense again.

First,  for the benefit of all those unchurched journalists out there, He is not calling for Jesus to wake up and start walking around. He's already quite awake, thank you, and is wherever he chooses to be without the necessity of a wake-up call. The "body of Christ" is a Pauline term for the Church.

Nor is it necessarily the case that the Church needs to be "awakened." Many of us are quite awake, Sen. Cruz- and the more awake we are, the less you are likely to benefit from that fact.

Some members of the Body of Christ- those who apparently are unfamiliar with 1 John 1:8-10, are asleep enough to think that Donald Trump is one of them. Others are supporting Sen. Rubio or Gov. Bush or Dr. Carson or someone else.

So you are not the "Christian candidate," Sen. Cruz. Several of the other candidates are just as Christian as you are, and a great many of us don't believe that your program even represents the faith very well. Moreover, we're electing a president here, not a pastor; the matters a president has to deal with are matters of concern to decent Jews and Muslims and atheists and agnostics and Rastafarians, and not just Christians.

Well, maybe not Rastafarians.

Anyway, we're not electing somebody to preach the Christian Gospel to us, but rather somebody to enforce the justice and social decency which is the common property of reasonable people of all faiths and none. So while I'm glad that you're motivated by your faith, I have my own, thank you- and it leads me in the direction of another candidate who I think will do a much better job than you would.

If you had a chance in the world of actually being elected. Which you don't.

We will avoid what you call "the abyss" when reasonable people of all faiths and none wake up and remember the standards of decency and reason which have governed Western society for centuries, and which are not the special property of the body of Christ, no matter what the advocates of darkness may tell us.

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