The Dumbing Down of Conservatism

Every once in a while one comes across an article so spot-on that one shakes one's head in amazement.

Here we have an explanation of how a proudly intellectual movement like American conservatism could produce... Donald Trump and, to a lesser extent, Ted Cruz.

It's happened to our culture at every level and in every way, to not a small degree from the "progressive" emotionalizing of matters which ought first to be addressed by the intellect, but also (I believe) from the influence of the movement that more than anything else is destroying our society- libertarianism, and its effective deification of the individual.

But I digress... and in any case, it's probably best that I not even get started on that particular subject right now. But I commend the article- and the book- to your consideration, not the least because if conservatism is about anything, it's about preventing this kind of deterioration of our society and culture.

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