Hillary is in bigger trouble than we thought

The Obama administration has admitted that some of the emails that were on Hillary Clinton's private server and accessible to the nation's enemies are "too sensitive to be released under any circumstances."

22 of them were classified "Top Secret" and at least one came from human intelligence.

Hillary is being investigated by the FBI concerning possible charges of "gross negligence" and "public corruption." They are operating under the assumption that there are still unsecured copies of some of the emails still "out there."

It will be nothing less than fascinating to see whether or not the Justice Department pursues charges against the former Secretary of State even if the FBI recommends them. Given the condition in which Hillary Clinton's indictment would leave the Democratic party, the temptation to find some excuse not to act will be strong.

Since Bernie Sanders is not a credible nominee, it will be fascinating to see what the Democratic party does if Clinton is forced out of the race.   Martin O'Malley, Joe Biden, and Elizabeth Warren are names that come to mind. Clearly the party is in turmoil and was it not for the fact that the GOP seems intent on committing suicide by nominating Trump or Cruz a Republican victory in November would appear likely at this point.

A historic election which seems to be falling into the Republicans' laps may well be lost because of addictions to a man who models people's worst instincts and one whose track record suggests that he would rather be a wrecker than a president.

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