This is the guy Trump admires so much

An independent British inquiry headed by retired High Court judge Sir Robert Owen has found that Russian President Vladimir Putin "probably" personally ordered the assassination of dissident Alexander Litvinenko via a pot of green tea spiked with radioactive isotope polonium-210  in 2006.

The inquiry suggested that the final straw in the long-simmering feud between the two men was Litvinenko's accusation that Putin had ordered the Russian intelligence service, the FSB, to destroy videos of Putin having sex with underage boys.

Litvinenko was at one time a high-ranking FSB official. He claimed that Putin had at one time been denied promotion in the KGB, the FSB's predecessor under the Soviet Union when the agency learned that he was a pedophile.

Litvinenko's wife expressed gratification that the finding had vindicated her husband's deathbed accusation of Putin as being behind his murder.

HT: Real Clear World


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