Would you really give Donald Trump a match?

Donald Trump is bragging that if he shot somebody right in the middle of Fifth Avenue he wouldn't lose any votes.

Dear Trump Supporter, really. He's actually come right out and said that he's playing you for a chump, that he thinks you're an idiot and will vote for him no matter what he says or does.

He actually thinks that you'll vote for him even if you know that that's what he's thinking!

Is he right? Are you really that foolish? Are you really so mindless, so lacking in not only common sense but self-esteem? Where is your anger at Trump? No, where is your outrage?

There's a great German play in which one of the characters- he's the Devil, although that is never explicitly said- gets a man's permission to begin moving barrels into his basement. In the course of the play, it becomes clear that the barrels are filled with gunpowder, and that the Devil plans to blow up not only the man's house but the whole city.

The Devil keeps making requests of the man, which he keeps granting. Moment by moment, request by request, the identity of the visitor and his intentions become clearer and clearer. There can be no doubt that the man knows exactly what is going on. But each time the visitor requests his help, he gives it- even though he knows who the visitor is, and exactly what he's up to.

The climactic moment comes when the Devil asks the man for a match.

And he gives it to him.

Do I really have to spell out how this applies to Donald Trump? And to you?


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