Carly drops out

Despite vowing last night to "keep going," Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina has ended her campaign for the GOP presidential nomination.

Fiorina, who finished seventh in yesterday's New Hampshire primary with only 4.1% of the vote, vowed to keep speaking out on behalf of the things she believes in.

She enjoyed a brief moment of celebrity- and momentum- when she became one of the few to respond effectively to Donald Trump's boorishness and bullying. She also attracted attention when she accurately described a rarely-seen video of the abuse of an aborted fetus which the media confused with a different video in which a former employee of a Planned Parenthood vendor merely described something similar. Few if any of the media sources which attacked her have recanted the attacks or even acknowledged their mistake.

But in the end, Trump had his revenge. The circus created by his candidacy so completely obscured substantive discussion of policies and more worthy candidacies that she proved simply "the flavor of the month."

I hope she stays in politics. Unlike Trump, she is somebody who really does "tell it like it is."

Same holds for New Jersey Gov.Chris Christie, despite his chaos-inducing attacks on Marco Rubio last Saturday night. Gov. Christie, once the favorite for the GOP nomination before subordinates abused their power (apparently without his knowledge) to exact political revenge on an opponent by shutting down an expressway.

Christie finished sixth in New Hampshire, and will shortly acknowledge his own withdrawal from the race.

Photo by DonkeyHotey


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