Just how ignorant IS Donald Trump, anyway?

I mean, his ignorance has been revealed in interview after interview, over and over. The guy admits to getting his foreign policy advice from Sunday morning interview programs, for crying out loud.

But you know, even a high school civics student would know that judges don't sign bills.

And this dude wants to be President of the United States? Every time the man opens his mouth he reveals that he knows absolutely nothing about foreign policy, the Constitution, defense policy, or anything else essential to the job he's asking us to hire him to do.

All he can talk about is how he's going to make America great again and "turn us into winners," and how if we'll all just emulate his ignorance and let Big Brother take care of us all, we can all be ignorant together.

And how he'll punch us if we disagree with him. And that would be YUGE!


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