Rubio in second; Jeb suspends campaign

With 73% of the precincts reporting in South Carolina, here is the situation:
X-Il Duce 33.1%
Rubio 22.3%
Cruz 21.7%
Bush 8.1%
Kasich 8.0%
Carson 6.7%

Jeb Bush has suspended his campaign, effectively withdrawing from the race. Carson may well follow. Kasich will probably hang on at least until Super Tuesday, March l.

But especially if Rubio does, in fact, finish ahead of Cruz, the race has been transformed. It's a three-way fight between Il Duce, Rubio and Cruz. If all of Bush's votes had gone to Rubio, he'd be trailing Trump 33.1% to 30.4%. Add Kasich's votes, and Rubio leads the pack, with 38.4% to Trump's 30.4%.

It's a whole new ballgame. And there's hope for the Republican party and for America.

Graphic by DonkeyHotey


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