Rubio passes Cruz in New Hampshire; Cruz says something incoherent about electability; Rubio beats Trump nationally 53%-40%

Marco Rubio has passed Ted Cruz and moved in to second place in the New Hampshire Republican primary race, according to a new CNN/WMUR poll.

Rubio trails front-runner Donald Trump by eleven points, with 18% to Trump's 29%. Cruz has 13%.

Meanwhile, the unelectable Cruz- the poster child for gridlock and exemplar of the kind of partisan obstructionism that has made Congress so unpopular with the American people- is calling Sen. Rubio the media's "chosen one," and questioning the notion that Rubio is more electable than he is, arguing somewhat illogically that since John McCain and Mitt Romney were thought to be more electable than others, but lost, they couldn't really have been more electable than others, and Rubio isn't;   or that electability shouldn't matter, or something. His logic is a little hard to follow.

All of the "Establishment" candidates- Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, and John Kasich- seem to be gaining strength as they challenge Rubio for the role of the Center Right challenger to the far Right Cruz and the enigmatic Trump.

Meanwhile, the National Review has noticed that Rubio and Cruz are each only four points behind Trump nationally- and head-to-head, Rubio beats Trump nationally by 13 points!

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