Selective perception

Republicans in lily-white Iowa not only made a Latino the winner of their presidential caucuses last week, but picked another Latino third.

Between Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, Latinos received 51% of the vote from all those racist, Latino-hating white Republicans.

Not a peep out of the liberal media about this, of course. Just as Clarence Thomas and Colin Powell and Condi Rice didn't count as Republican appointees because any African-American who is a Republican supposedly can't be a "real "African-American, so a Latin Republican can't be a "real" Latino.

There is lots and lots wrong with identity politics when it's practiced by politicians. But when it's practiced by the media, the result is simply bad journalism.

The Republican presidential nominee will probably be a Latino (I still can't believe that Republicans nationally will be stupid enough to fall for Trump, and there are signs in the polls that they are waking up from the Trump delusion). But somehow I sincerely doubt that the media will herald the election of either Cruz or Rubio (well, of Rubio; Cruz has no chance of being actually elected) as "historic" in the same way they heralded Barack Obamas election.

Just as they wouldn't have thought it nearly as historic if Colin Powell or Condi Rice had been the frist African-American president. Being Republicans, they wouldn't have counted.

HT: Real Clear Politics


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