The Brits wise up about the EU

So what do the EU, Donald Trump, and political correctness have in common?

All three are threats to the values of liberal democracy to which the Anglo-Saxon world remains at least in theory committed.

Many in the United Kingdom are coming to the realization that democratic values are not treasured in the EU, giving rise to a growning sentiment in support of the UK leaving it. The contempt of Trump and his authoritarian supporters for the Bill of Rights is manifest. I've blogged many times about the diminution of free speech in Canada, England, Australia and elsewhere by "hate-speech" laws. The same forces are at work in America today.

As I blogged yesterday, national Republican polls are suggestion a chink in Trump's armor. I don't know that the threat to free speech which is threatening us even in the States is showing any symptoms of being rolled back in the countries which supposedly share our values. But at least the British seem to be recognizing the threat from the EU.


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