The debate was a debacle

Not a good night for America. But a good night for the Democrats.

Marco didn't do well. People did like his repeated zingers at POTUS, but the exchange with Christie hurt. Of course, he was naturally going to be the target tonight given his momentum from Iowa.  Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the DNC chair, and other prominent Democrats have openly expressed their relief at Marco's bad showing, which says a great deal- but probably won't be noticed tonight.

I did love Marco's statement on the Democrats' abortion extremism, which I noticed that several other candidates picked up on.

Il Duce was, unfortunately, effective. His crazy claim that somehow Cruz got Carson's votes in Iowa didn't hurt him as much as it should have. He continues to tap dance with enough skill that his fundamental ignorance about the issues isn't laid bare.

The governors all did well. Kasich and Christie did better than Bush. But the sane wing of the party has to settle on a candidate if the Republicans aren't going to go down to defeat with Trump or Cruz.
And Christie and Kasich won't do all that well in subsequent, more conservative states.


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