'There's nothing conservative about Donald Trump"

This new ad is being run in South Carolina by the Club for Growth.

Trump is using his voters. He's playing them for chumps- and even has the chutzpah  to openly say that they would support him if he publically committed murder on the streets of Manhattan.

He's pretending to be something he's not, By telling people what they want to hear he's concealing his real and lifelong political philosophy, which is the exact opposite of what people think they're supporting by voting for him.

Worse, he's taking advantage of people's frustration and anger when he, in fact, is the perfect example of what they're angry about.

If anything wakes up the folks who are being played for chumps by Donald Trump, this ought to:

"There's nothing conservative about proposing the largest tax hike in history. There's nothing conservative about supporting socialized single-payer health care. There's nothing conservative about abusing eminent domain for personal gain.

"There's nothing conservative about four bankruptcies. There's nothing conservative about giving money to the Clintons. There's nothing conservative about Donald Trump."

It's about time somebody pointed out the obvious! Sadly, though, from the comments on YouTube it appears that his supporters prefer to remain deluded by this phony.


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