They're BA-ack!

Back when Stephen Harper's Conservatives first defeated Jean Chretien's Liberals in Canada, I blogged that "Canada is our friend again." Under Chretien and his Liberal predecessor, Paul Martin, we sometimes had cause to wonder.

Now the Liberals are back under Justin Trudeau, and once again the matter is becoming murky. Apparently back when the Liberals in opposition Trudeau made a comment about Harper wanted to "whip out his CF-18s" in order to deal with ISIS. Well, now that he's prime minister, Trudeau is withdrawing Canada's CF-18s from the fight.

He's not completely withdrawing Canada from participation. He's just making it a point to do something unpopular with Canadians generally for arcane reasons of his own. Unfortunately, given American experience with Liberal prime ministers in the past (and the kind of snark one encounters from a particular Left-leaning segment of the Canadian population toward anything American), it's hard not to wonder whether at least part of his motivation isn't just to annoy the evil, crude nation to his South.

I liked it better when we could be sure that Canada was our friend.

HT: Real Clear World

Photo by DonkeyHotey


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