Trump threatens blackmail against the family that owns the Cubs- on Twitter!

A tweet from Il Duce:

Donald J. Trump ✔ ‎@realDonaldTrump
I hear the Rickets family, who own the Chicago Cubs, are secretly spending $'s against me. They better be careful, they have a lot to hide!
8:42 AM - 22 Feb 2016
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Can you imagine a candidate for president of the United States publicly either slandering (my strong bet) or blackmailing the owner of a major league baseball team?

Can you imagine anybody with any respect for American values at all who would say such a thing in public?

Can you imagine anybody whose judgment is so poor that he would stick his foot in it like that?

Can you imagine anybody as clueless, as devoid of any sense of decency, as completely free from any understanding of our appreciation for the First Amendment that he or she would support a guy who keeps saying stuff like this, and actually looks upon such proto-Fascist bullying as a plus?

Donald Trump may be a clown, but so were Mussolini and Idi Amin. Matthew MacWilliams, that political scientist who concluded that the defining characteristic of Trump supporters is authoritarianism was surely on to something; nobody but an authoritarian could react to Trump with anything but anger, dismay and fear.

Only between 30% and 40% of the mere 29% of the American electorate who define themselves as Republicans have bought into this jerk. It's the division of his opponents rather than the popularity of a guy who objectively speaking is actually a weak candidate who would be history if only the pro-democracy Republican candidates got their case together (as they show some evidence of doing, thank God) that gives the erroneous impression of Trump's popularity. He has a 60% negative rating among American voters generally, and he's the only one of the Republican candidates who loses to Hillary Clinton in the polls.

As he has done consistently for months.

But for a man of Donald Trump's totalitarian values to even get that close to the White House ought to scare the American people as few things in my lifetime have done.

Yeah, he's a clown. But there's nothing funny about him.

Graphic from iFunny.


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