With 80% of the vote in...

Trump (won) 34.5%
Kasich (second) 16.4%
Cruz 11.5%
Bush 11.2%
Rubio 10.5%
Christie 7.6%
Fiorina 4.2%
Carson 2.3%
Paul 0.7%
Huckabee 0.1%
Gilmore 0.1%
Santorum 0.1%

Source: Google

New Hampshire has 23 delegates. At this point, Trump has won 10 of them, Kasich three, and Cruz and Bush each two.

Cruz, Bush and Rubio continue to be bunched up, but don't seem to show much evidence of movement. I'd love to see one of the other two finish ahead of Ted, but if it were to be Bush it would through the whole battle to represent the Center into chaos and end up helping the two unelectables.

Fox News is reporting that Chris Christie will indeed be "making a decision" about the status of his candidacy tomorrow. Hard to see how Fiorina or Carson can hope to go anywhere after tonight, either.

Marco Rubio on Twitter:

.@marcorubio: "It is not your fault. It is mine. I did not do well Saturday night and that will never happen again."


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