With 88% reporting... and holding....

Trump (won) 35.1%
Kasich (second) 15.9%
Cruz 11.5%
Bush 11.1%
Rubio 10.6%
Christie 7.5%
Fiorina 4.2%
Carson 2.3%
Paul 0.6%
Huckabee 0.1%
Santorum 0.1%

Source: Google

For some reason, the returns have been stuck at 88% of the votes counted for quite a while, and I think it may be time to call it a night and see what the morning may bring.

Marco Rubio has gained slightly on Jeb Bush. He's now one-half of a percentage point behind him; Bush, in turn, is one-half of one percentage point behind Ted Cruz for third place.

Rubio said in his concession speech tonight that his disappointing showing in New Hampshire was his fault rather than that of his supporters, the result of his poor performance during Saturday night's debate. "That will never happen again," he vowed.

One thing is sure: all eyes will be on him during the first debate in South Carolina.

There still is a slight chance that there might be a change in position among Cruz, Bush and Rubio- they're all bunched within less than one percent of the vote- but it seems unlikely. Il Duce has won; Kasich has finished second, and we'll see about the rest.

And as you probably heard, Bernie Sanders has crushed Hillary over on the Democratic side. I understand that Vermin Supreme has also conceded.

Drat. And here I wasted all that time trying to figure out what to name that pony...


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