It's Il Duce, Rubio, and Cruz in South Carolina

With 99% of the precincts reporting, here's the result of the South Carolina primary:

1. Il Duce 32.5%
2. Rubio 22.5%
3. Cruz 22.3%
4. Bush 7.9%*
5. Kasich 7.6%
6. Carson 7.2%

*Withdrawn from the race

Carson may just stick around. Which would be good, since many of his votes would go to Cruz.

Kasich is looking forward to several big states on Super Tuesday which he actually might win. Depending on how it goes there, he may or may not pull out. If he does, Rubio would obviously benefit.

As of now, regardless of the delegate count, the race for the nomination as a practical matter has the same shape as the South Carolina primary: Trump, Rubio, and Cruz, in that order. And events seem to be breaking in Rubio's direction.

For which, thank God!


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