I know I'm a Rubio partisan, but isn't this criticism just a little bit lame?

I mean, admittedly Marco didn't get the best of this exchange. But c'mon! Rubio thinks that Obama is deliberately trying to change America into something it's not. Christie thinks he's just incompetent. Fair enough. But is it really that important to pick different words to say the same thing, even in a debate? Anyway, I think Rubio is right about that.

John Kasich may or may not have done himself some good tonight in New Hampshire. But this line certainly won't do him any good anywhere else. John, I've always liked you a lot- enough that if you hadn't decided to run away from your positions on abortion and marriage redefinition you would undoubtedly have had me in your corner from Day One. But you just keep disappointing me.

And Duce.... you've used eminent domain to swindle people out of their property literally all over the planet. Yeah, so many of the people in the audience who booed you were donors to other candidates. Hello! Maybe that's because you're such a creep!

I guess we'll see what the damage is on Tuesday. But right now I have the feeling that the big winners tonight were Il Duce and the Democrats.

Oh, well. Marco had some of the best lines of the night- aimed at the Democrats rather than at his fellow members of the circular firing squad. We'll see what the people of New Hampshire have to say Tuesday night. But I have a funny feeling that Il Duce will be the winner, both short-term and maybe long-term.

Hope I'm wrong.

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