An American Fascist

Paul D. Miller over at The Federalist lists five reasons why no American should support Donald Trump.

I agree with all of them. Interestingly he, too, agrees that while Trump isn't Hitler, he is Mussolini.

Trump is the enemy of everything that is good about America, everything that America stands for. As Prof. Miller says, it's not about weird hair or a quirky, unstable personality, as concerning as that second matter is. It's about the fact that Trump and his supporters not only don't understand what America is all about but actively oppose it.

Again, I am disappointed at Marco Rubio's vow to support Il Duce if he's the Republican nominee. Very disappointed. And I hope that the efforts to get an independent conservative candidate on the ballot in November are proceeding apace. I haven't given up yet on stopping Trump at the convention; he's running at a pace which will leave him short of the 1,237 delegates he'll need to be nominated, and with Republicans-only primaries dominating the scene for the next couple of weeks, he figures to fall further behind the pace.

But I want Plan B to be in place anyway. Decent people should not be left without a choice in November. We shouldn't have to choose between a felon and a Fascist.

ADDENDUM: Actor Richard Gere apparently also gets it.

ADDENDUM II: So does the American Spectator.

ADDENDUM III: Yes, I know that's actually George C. Scott playing Mussolini. But what the hsck? Trump is a phony, too!


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