Are CNN and Drudge news sources, or arms of the Clinton and Trump campaigns?

CNN's- and Drudge's- shilling for Donald Trump has become so shameless that it's getting embarrassing.

This story appears just as two new polls show that Rubio has closed the gap in Florida from 20 points to either eight or five, depending on the poll- and is leading the early voting over Trump in the early voting by 25 points.

Drudge- whose support of Il Duce has been obvious throughout the primary season- links to this carefully-timed piece of political propaganda aimed at torpedoing Hillary Clinton's most feared opponent as its lead story.

I never really trusted the Clinton News Network. But Drudge and Breitbart have pretty much destroyed any credibility they have ever had by their shameless pushing of Il Duce's agenda.

I'll certainly never trust any of them again. And I tend to believe both the polls and that angry press aide for Rubio more than some anonymous source within the Rubio campaign quoted by a notoriously pro-Democratic news network and a news aggregator whose partisanship on behalf of The Donald has been so shameless all primary season that it's hard to think that Matt Drudge even has tried to hide it.


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