Bless your heart, Donald.

When The Donald let loose a totally unnecessary attack on South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (way to unite the party, Duce!), the governor- who, unlike the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, has class- replied simply, "Bless your heart."

That's the way you respond to a narcissist. You refuse to take him seriously. That's the one thing he can't stand.

As previously noted, The Donald has picked a fight with the Ricketts family, who own my Cubs. They have the good judgment to be funding a Super PAC fighting Trump's misbegotten candidacy. Bizarrely, Trump promised to take out ads proclaiming how the management which has in the past two years turned the Cubs from the laughingstock of baseball into the pre-season favorites to win the World Series is doing a poor job.

Cubs' president Theo Epstein- the genius who ended the Boston Red Sox drought and built the team that won them two World Series, and also has presided over the transformation of baseball's other perennial sad-sack franchise into a powerhouse- has taken a page from Gov. Haley's book. So has Cubs' manager Joe Maddon who- other than admitting to a certain amount of amusement and fascination- has declined to respond to the silly man.

And in the Fall, the Cubs may well be celebrating their first world championship in over a century, while Trump is making pathetic excuses for a landslide defeat at the hands of an opponent so thoroughly discredited that any credible opponent would have crushed her.

That's the way the smart money is betting anyway.

Bless your heart, Donald.

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