China's new propaganda weapon: Trump

China has a powerful new weapon in its propaganda war with the United States.

The masters of the Chinese people say that democracy is a joke. Their evidence? Donald Trump.

Trump himself is certainly a joke, and there can be no question that having a clown like the Donald as the probable nominee of one of our great political parties makes the United States the laughingstock of the world.

But it's worse than that. Trump's totalitarian rhetoric, his racism, and his general contempt for the values we Americans claim to hold so dear make us all look like hypocrites before the world, and bring those values into disrepute.

I myself have to shake my head at the thought that so many of my fellow citizens either have so poor an understanding of our American way of life or hold it in such light esteem that they could defend the bozo, much less vote for him. But when a guy this close (at least in theory) to the Oval Office can espouse the values China operates by, it isn't easy for us to defend ourselves from the charge of hypocrisy for claiming that our system is any better than theirs.


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