Donald Trump: Candidate of the thugs and bullies

Last September, University of Massachusetts-Amherst doctoral candidate Matthew MacWilliams demonstrated in his dissertation that there is one characteristic which virtually defines Donald Trump's supporters: authoritarianism.

This shouldn't surprise anybody who has listened to Trump. His favorite tactic for dealing with people who criticize or otherwise cross him is to threaten and try to intimidate them, commonly telling them that they'd "better watch out." He promised, “to open up our libel so when they write purposely negative and horrible and false articles, we can sue them and win lots of money.” From his behavior in the debates to his proposals of policy, Trump has proven to be a bully at heart.
Peaceful demonstrators at his rallies are beaten up, and Trump praises the goons who do it.  The Trumpmeister apparently has no more respect for freedom of speech than for freedom of the press.

The similarity of Trump's style to that of Benito Mussolini has been much commented on. He's as close to an outright Fascist as we've ever had this close to the presidency, and it should scare all thinking Americans to death not only that he's gotten this far, but that so many of our fellow citizens have so loose a grasp on the basics of the American way.

A large percentage of Trump supporters are outraged by the very fact that someone disagrees with them, or dares to criticize The Leader. Somehow they seem to think that Trump is entitled to the GOP nomination even if he fails to get a majority of delegates to the convention, simply because he got a plurality of the votes in the primaries (in which twice as many people voted against him as for him). Do the polls show that the Donald would lose to Hillary Clinton (and they do)? Then they must be "rigged." Any bad result for The Donald must be the result of a conspiracy, and like their leader, they think that any blunder or mistake he makes must actually be somebody else's fault.

The Vox article reports that twenty percent of Trump's voters aren't sure that Lincoln should have freed the slaves. A third support banning gays and lesbians from the country.

But the really scary part comes at Trump rallies. When thugs supporting Trump rough up dissenters he promises to "defend (you) in court." He once came right out and said of one protester beaten by his supporters that "maybe he deserved to get roughed up."

Donald Trump doesn't "get" America- and neither do his supporters. Take a look at the videos on this page.

This is the kind of thing they used to do in Germany in the early '30'si.

Wake up, Americans.


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