Donald Trump is not only a fascist and a bully, but he doesn't know much about baseball

I've blogged before about Donald Trump's threats against the Ricketts family, who own the Chicago Cubs. They fund a Super PAC which opposes his candidacy. Most of us would regard this as their right. Trump, however- not believing in basic American values- believes that nobody has a right to disagree with him or criticize or oppose him and that the appropriate responses to people who do so are threats and intimidation.

These, of course, are the responses of a bully and a fascist. Trump continues to demonstrate that he is both. Until now, he's been content to tell the Ricketts family- in one of his favorite phrases- that they'd "better watch out." But now he's threatening to take out ads doing what he does to everybody who disagrees with hm: calling the Ricketts family names, running them down, saying nasty things about them- and  in this case, suggesting that the team is not well- run. Ooooooo! I bet they're shaking in their boots!

This is not the response of a fascist. This is the response of a third-grade playground bully. Your mommy cuts your hair funny, Donald. Nah, Nah. Consider my tongue stuck out at you.

The really funny thing, of course, is that the team he insists isn't well run opens the season next month as the favorites to win the World Series. Not only is the guy a boor, a jerk, and a bully, but he's a lousy sports commentator.

And for a guy who pretends to be so macho, so much the alpha male,  a really, really pathetic little boy. But a dangerous one.


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