Even Jack Bauer would refuse Trump's orders

Jim Geraghty of National Review points out that Jack Bauer of "24" once faced the prospect of having to target the family of a terrorist in order to extort the location of a nuclear bomb from him- exactly what Donald Trump said last night that he would order our soldiers and sailors and Marines to do with terrorists. Jack faked the killing of a family member of the terrorist and threatened to kill another in order to extort the location of the device. But he was unwilling to actually do it.

Even Jack Bauer- the ruthless fictional protector of America who sometimes did unthinkable things to keep the country safe- drew the line at doing what Il Duce says that, as Commander-in-Chief- he'd order our soldiers, sailors and Marines to do.  And as was pointed out several times last night, our soldiers, sailors and Marines are not only legally obligated, but trained, to refuse to obey such illegal orders.

Trump says he'd get them to break the law, and do what even Jack Bauer wouldn't do.

Just one more bit of evidence as to what kind of creature Donald Trump is, and why he must not become President of the United States.


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