HOLD THE PRESSES! More information on Florida- and it'a YUGE!

A new Monmouth poll has Trump up on Rubio only eight points in Florida, not the 16 to 20 he was supposedly ahead by.  But it gets even better for Marco.

The early vote has Rubio up on Trump 43-28. And Florida is a closed primary. Only registered Republicans get to vote. Apparently Rubio- who supposedly has no ground game- has a pretty good one in his home state. And there will be no "Trump Democrats" and comparatively few first-time Trump voters in involved in the Sunshine State.

Rubio's lead among early voters is big enough that it just might hold.

We've been hearing for weeks how far behind Rubio was in his home state, and how he was done for. Yet yesterday Rubio's people released a poll showing their candidate- supposedly down to Trump 16 to 20 points in Rubio's home state- headed for a candidacy crushing defeat instead within five points of Trump and closing.

Rubio, who is of Cuban descent, is understandably crushing Il Duce in South Florida. Of course, Ted Cruz is also a Cuban-American. But according to Monmouth Ted is not doing so hot in Miami and environs.

In what may be yet another bizarre twist in a bizarre year, there are indications that Rubio may shock everybody in Florida on March 15. Not only will that bring his candidacy back from the theoretical dead and get him right back in the middle of what would become a reasonably even three-way race for delegates, but it would drastically increase the likelihood that nobody will have the 1,237 delegates needed for a first-ballot victory at Cleveland.

And that would make   it very unlikely that the nominee will be named Trump.

John Kasich has been saying that if he manages to beat Trump in Ohio the whole race will be turned on its head. And he's right. But if Kasich wins in Ohio and Rubio wins in Florida, you won't even recognize the race by St. Patrick's Day. In fact, it'll be a four-way race- with no obvious winner.

Graphic: DonkeyHotey


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