'King Ted' needs to come clean on Dominionism

It's not fair to reject Ted Cruz just because his dad, Rafael, claims that Ted is one of  God's anointed "End Times Kings" for America with a divine commission to redistribute America's wealth.

It's not even fair to reject Ted Cruz because he comes out of the nutty, unbiblical, heterodox world of theological Dominionism. But things get a little dicey when it turns out that Sen. Cruz underwent a special blessing of his candidacy by Dominionist pastors.

It is nothing more than reasonable- nothing more than simple common sense- for anyone who believes in the teachings of the New Testament or the provisions of the First Amendment or both to defer support for Cruz until he renounces both his dad's claim and Dominionism. Frankly, as John Fea points out, what we know at present of Cruz's personal theology and that of many of his followers is suspect- and until he firmly and publicly rejects this nonsense, he has absolutely no claim to be a constitutional conservative.

Hillary Clinton and the Democratic attack machine are no more going to give Cruz a pass on this stuff than they would Donald Trumps myriad lies, insanities and disqualifying bits of weirdness. To coin a phrase, Ted, choose this day whom you will serve- Dominionism or the First Amendment. Until you do, you have no claim on the vote of any reasonable Christian- or any reasonable American.

Ted Cruz needs to make it clear that he does NOT support the imposition of Old Testament law as civil law in the United States or Dominionism's other confusions of the divinely-appointed functions of Church and State in nations which don't happen to be ancient Israel. And it's nothing less than a disgrace that he hasn't been decisively confronted about this nonsense before now.


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