Kristol thinks it's not yet too late to stop Trump, even after tonight

Bill Kristol says that even after tonight there's time to stop Il Duce- but only if Mitch McConnell and the "Establishment" stops being passive and fatalistic and goes to war.

I don't know. The numbers that Trump is putting up make me wonder whether it might not be too late. One can view his winning with a third of the vote as a matter of the opposition being divided. But in some of these primaries and caucuses his numbers are in the 40% range and even impinging on 50%

I think the "populist revolt" thing is a little overblown. But there's something to it. The rank-and-file is angry and irrational. While I'm still going to give some money to Rubio later in the week, I'm not sanguine. I'm almost at the point of writing off the nomination and looking to what I fervently hope is a conservative independent campaign in the Fall.

I'm reassessing whether the upcoming Trump debacle necessarily means the death of the GOP in and of itself. One thing is for sure, though: in 2020, when Hillary is running for her second term and should be really, really vulnerable, the "Establishment" will be united behind one strong candidate>

In any event, I'm looking forward to Trump's disappearance from the scene after November, even though I'm not looking forward to Hillary in the Oval Office and the Democrats back in control of Congress. But it may be what is necessary to bring the crazies back into contact with reality. And who knows? Trump will run a weak race, and Hillary is obviously wounded.

Maybe Romney or some candidate with some credibility could actually pull off an Abe Lincoln.


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