MSM, "progressives" demonize North Carolina over law protecting common decency

It's not enough, apparently, that the Left demonizes and intimidates states which do nothing more than consider replicating at the state level religious freedom bills modeled on a Federal law approved by the Supreme Court and until recently even supported by the ACLU.

Now North Carolina is receiving grief for an "anti-gay and lesbian" law (as the MSM somehow almost universally describes it) maintaining separate bathrooms for men and women. Radical North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper has even entered the fray on the side of the gender-benders.

This is simply sick. Gender is a biological fact. We don't get to decide which gender we want to pretend to be, and make everybody else go along. And people are entitled to privacy when they go to the bathroom!

There comes a point where I have to believe that common sense and common decency will assert itself even in the face of the socially radical nonsense which the Democratic party, the Far Left, and the MSM try to pawn off on us as "civil rights." Even "dialogues" in which only one side is allowed to speak can force the speakers to confront the bizarre illogic of there positions if people simply rise up and say "Enough."

May it be so here.


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