Never has an American President groveled like this one

While contemplating the theoretical embarrassment of Donald Trump as our president, let's not lose sight of the embarrassment who is currently residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

We've never had a president so willing to grovel as Barack Obama. The problem isn't that a man can't grovel if he wants to. The problem is that when that man is the President of the United States when he grovels, America grovels.

The repressive regime in Havana got him to normalize relations without changing in the slightest. The strongarm tactics the Castro regime used on Mr. Obama's arrival are a public insult, a reminder that Uncle Sam and the Castros have been, to use Robert McNamara's phrase, "eyeball to eyeball" with each other for 46 years- and it was Uncle Sam who blinked.

The president's visit- no, his whole Cuban policy- is an insult not only to the martyrs of the Castro regime and those permanently exiled from their homeland by the malice of this repressive regime but to every value Americans hold dear. In his own way, Barack Obama is betraying our values as Americans as shamefully as Donald Trump and his brownshirt tactics and Fascist rhetoric are.

Both of them should be ashamed,

Graphic by wstera2


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