Not very smart, Donald

There is much that could be said of The Donald's decision to go into his usual sixth-grade act and start running down Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker for endorsing Ted Cruz in the primary. The key thing, though, is to remember that Walker is a hero to Wisconsin Republicans.

I can't imagine a dumber move on Trump's part.

He is where he is because he's riding a wave of inarticulate and frankly incoherent rage. Lucky for him, Lucky for him, too, that his daddy died and left him all that money and all those real estate holdings he managed so badly because stunts like this cause one to wonder how he would have survived if he'd had to go through life without the cushion they provided.

This is not only not the behavior of a self-described "genius." It's not the behavior of a very smart man. And it's certainly not the way for a presumptive nominee to unite the party.

Graphic by DonkeyHotey


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