Rasmussen: a majority of voters blame Il Duce for the uptick in political violence

According to a Rasmussen poll, 52% of voters blame Donald Trump's rhetoric for the increase in political violence this year.

61% believe that there will be more of it this year than usual, and only nine percent expect less.

Blaming Bernie Sanders just isn't going to work. Sure, those who have attempted to disrupt Trump rallies are mostly Bernie supporters; most on the Far Left are. But there is nothing to suggest that Sanders or his campaign is encouraging them, much less  directing them.

Trump, on the other hand, threatens people constantly and encourages violence against demonstrators at his rallies. Obviously, this doesn't excuse the left-wing loonies who cut their capers at his rallies. But when you engage in the kind of rhetoric The Donald does, it's going to have a disproportionate effect on how your own supporters respond- and on how your opponents respond to their response.

These days the totalitarians who try to shut down and silence the opposition are usually on the Left. The Left continues its antics; Bill Ayers tweet bragging after the Chicago incident about how "we shut Donald Trump down" is just another example of the depressing kind of attempted thought control we see so often on college campuses and in the kind of political correctness which Trump ironically castigates.

But Trump's rhetoric has raised the level of this garbage to a new level. He's even threatening his own party with riots if he feels that he's close enough to a majority of the delegates to the convention to be given a mulligan but doesn't get one. This stuff on this scale is unprecedented since Union supporters were beaten up and even lynched during the non-secret ballot referenda on secession in various states at the outbreak of the Civil War.

Il Duce's fascist rhetoric bears a disproportionate share of the blame, and the voters- who in the aggregate are not nearly either as gullible or as inclined to condone Trump's brand of nonsense as a plurality of GOP primary voters seem to be- are quite properly holding him accountable.


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