This is great! Trump babbles. Trump lies. And Trump does NOT get away with it!

Two virtually consecutive radio interviews with Donald Trump by tough Wisconsin talk radio hosts. It's very interesting what happens when he isn't allowed to talk over and bully the people he's trying to drown out.

First, Charlie Sykes refuses to let Il Duce get away with being such an insufferable, obnoxious and misogynistic, lying jerk.

Imagine that Charlie was Putin. Or Hillary Clinton. Not a pretty picture, is it?

Try to keep your jaw off the floor as his nose grows foot by foot.

And then Vicki McKenna makes a fool of him.

Count how many of her questions he actually ever answers. And count the number of times he simply babbles incoherently about whatever he wants to talk about.

Oh. And by the way... there are no reputable polls which show Trump beating Hillary. And Trump jolly well knows it.

Caricature by DonkeyHotey


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