Trump lies again: Chicago police did NOT recommend that Friday's rally be canceled

The Chicago Police Department says that contrary to the claim of Donald Trump's campaign, it did NOT recommend the cancellation of last Friday's rally at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

It seems that the Trump campaign is in Goebbels mode again, trying to fan the narrative of Bernie Sanders supporters being mean to them just like the Nazi Party did with the Socialists and Communists in 1930 Germany.

The closed minds of those who support The Trumpster are a wonder of nature. It seems impossible given the frequency with which the man lies and the outrageousness of many of his whoppers that anyone would believe a word he says. And yet.....

Trump's mastery of the techniques of political disinformation are just one more example of how very, very dangerous this man is. He may have no more idea what he's doing than his followers do when it comes to policy, but when it comes to manipulating the more gullible members of the public we in America may never have seen his like.


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