Trump needs to repudiate this group of pro-Trump brownshirts

Let me say right off the bat that there is no evidence that Donald Trump or his campaign are behind this. But the emblem to the right is the symbol of the "Lion's Guard-" a paramilitary organization of Trump supporters organized- again, I assume without the knowledge or permission of the Trump campaign- to serve the same kind of "security" functions served by the SA for the Nazis. It had a Twitter account, which it reportedly took down because its members had received threats.


It takes its name from a quote by Mussolini which Trump retweeted, apparently unaware of its origin, and when told refused to apologize for. Here is the group's web page. And here is a story about some of its activities.

It claims to be only a "defensive" organization, which exists to protect innocent people at Trump rallies. But that's also what the SA claimed. And it seems to me that I've read some place of something called a "police force." Most communities reportedly have them.

To the right is a Twitter page which has subsequently been taken down by the organization because of threats which they had received. An article on  the incident on a far Left webpage  reports that the Lion's Guard has disbanded because the Twitter account has been taken down. But the web page linked to above is still obviously very much in business, and from all indications so is the group.

Now again, I choose to believe that the Trump campaign has no knowledge of this. I am not suggesting that Trump or his campaign is organizing a corps of brownshirts. I choose- because I have no evidence to the contrary- to believe that they are strict "volunteers" with no actual connection to Trump or his campaign.

But that's not the point. The point is that once again Matthew MacWilliams's findings are being borne out. Once again the frightening fact that becomes apparent every time you read the tweets of Trump fans has been made plain. Perhaps- here's hoping- Donald Trump is simply a clown who says anything that comes into his head and who thus attracts and serves as a mouthpiece for authoritarians and even totalitarians. But that's still the kind of people he attracts.

Even if Trump himself is just a harmless buffoon, what he says and the supporters he attracts are anything but harmless.

This dude needs to be stopped. He cannot be the Republican nominee for president. If he is, then everything the Republican party has ever stood for has ben trodden in the dust, and it will never be able to lift its collective head among a free people again.

Trump needs to repudiate this group and its whole rationale immediately. Until he does no rational person- much less a person who believes in American values- can possibly consider him as a candidate for president.

Of course, I would argue that such is the case anyway. But at the very least he needs to do this. If he refuses, he will no longer be able to credibly disassociate himself from this kind of thing.


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