Welcome to the Donald Trump nightmare

My apologies, first off, for the obscene picture and the obscene language and even more obscene rhetoric in this video. But hearing about this stuff isn't enough. You need to actually hear it. You need to see it.

Is Donald Trump a fascist? Is he responsible for egging on his followers, for promoting violence, for saying and doing things that any American should be ashamed to say and do?

Is this man worthy to be President of the United States? If the Republican Party nominates him at Cleveland, will it ever live down the shame? Will the name of the party of Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan ever be clean again?

Read his followers' tweets and comments on line. Listen to their rhetoric. Judge for yourself whether these are civilized human beings who deserve to be called Americans.

Watch this video. And don't you dare even imply that because some of the protesters act like morons it's ok to unleash the brownshirts on them. We don't do things like that in America.

My friends, there are many very legitimate concerns reasonable people have about illegal immigration. But if anybody has no business in America, it's these people.

Watch- and both sickened and amazed. And then go to the polls and do something to stop it.


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