Will Coburn or Perry lead the conservative third party if Trump is nominated?

Two names being floated as possible third party candidates if Donald Trump gets the Republican nomination are former Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn and former Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

I've never been a fan of Perry's, but I would definitely support him if the other options were Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. But I'd frankly be inclined at the moment to prefer Coburn, though.

Coburn has a reputation as a proto-Tea Partier among some though others say he that while he's not a full-blown "establishment" type he's more centrist than most. Certainly this article at a site so far to the Right that it's about to fall off the Earth makes me feel rather good about Sen. Coburn, given the carload of salt with which the article deserves to be taken.

All-in-all, this news makes me feel a lot better. We may still be stuck with Hillary because the GOP has gone bananas and nominated an unqualified twit, but at least, those of us who still dwell within the bounds of reason have cause to think that we may not be disenfranchised in November after all.


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