A rant about bathrooms, honesty and common sense

This is something so obvious that it shouldn't need to be said. Unfortunately, it does.

The Left is perpetuating the red herring that those of us who think it reasonable that the bathroom one uses should correspond to one's genitals are afraid of gay, lesbian and/or transgendered people attacking helpless women. This is utter nonsense- as I cannot help but believe that those who use this absurd argument realize.

No rational person is afraid of gay, lesbian or transgendered people. The issue is heterosexual perverts being enabled by gaining access to women's locker rooms and bathrooms. The issue is the rather obvious point that while simple courtesy and the awareness of the unique status of certain specific bathrooms generally avoids problems in isolated gender-neutral bathrooms, opening locker rooms and bathrooms generally to people of either gender is going to enable child molestation and rape.

The issue is that women who are very reasonably uncomfortable about sharing bathrooms with men ought not to be compelled to in order to promote some half-baked social agenda.

Nor do I find arguments that localities without such laws have not had problems convincing. To begin with, the sample is small and mores still exercise a restraining influence on the abuse of such arrangements. And frankly, "experts" on the Left have an unfortunate habit of skewing the results of surveys they conduct. We keep hearing, for example. that we don't have a problem with election fraud in this country- until we have an election, and we're deluged with examples of election fraud even complained about by those who claim that there isn't a problem!

As with attempts to prevent vote fraud, so with attempts to prevent peeping- at the very least- by perverts taking advantage of laws allowing access to bathrooms by people of the opposite gender. Just ask the people at that great citadel of conservative values, the University of Toronto.

This country is in the process of abandoning reason and common sense in favor of the politically correct and utterly irrational notion that there are no differences between anybody. But equal does not mean the same, and I can only pray that we wake up soon.


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