As big as it is, the experts say that our navy is too small

The United States has the largest fleet in the world. We have more aircraft carriers, for example, than the rest of the world combined. But China's naval capabilities are  growing- even though they remain far behind- and experts say that the U.S. Navy needs some serious upgrading if it's going to be able to do its job.

The Obama administration, like the Clinton administration before it, has let our strategic capabilities deteriorate. The Clinton neglect of our intelligence capabilities was a major contributor to 9/11 (or "Seven Eleven," as Trump calls it). A goodly portion of Dubya's swollen budget had to be devoted to fixing what Clinton broke in order to balance his.

Hopefully, his wife will be wiser.

HT: Real Clear Defense


We spend over $700 billion. If anything we should cut military spending and not intervene in foreign affairs of other nations. Bush's Administration knew Osama bin Laden was planning on attacking the U.S. and they didn't stop it, what other excuse could they find to destabilize the oil-rich Middle East??
For the sake of our national security, we need to spend more. If we followed your advice the world would quickly fall into chaos and we would not long retain our freedom. Your statements about Bush are, of course, psychotic raving, and are so bizarre and paranoid that no more needs to be said.

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