Boycotting Target is complicated

I am one of those who doesn't intend to shop at Target again until the store provides restroom access for people uncomfortable with sharing such facilities with folks of the opposite biological gender. Notice that I did not say that I am opposed to bathrooms which may be used by people of either gender, whatever label they choose to wear. But those who are understandably uncomfortable with such an arrangement should have an option.

But while many people are unaware of it, there's another boycott of Target going on. It seems that Target has contributed to candidates who support traditional marriage. Horrors! So the bigots on the other side of the gender-bending divide are already boycotting the store social conservatives are now boycotting.

This is getting confusing. If it produces a certain amount of ambivalence where Target is concerned among those of us who oppose marriage re-definition on one hand but also think that women who are not comfortable with sharing a toilet facilities with biological males on the other, I guess it shouldn't be surprising. I certainly feel conflicted.

I guess all we can do is fight one battle at a time. If Target will reconsider its crazy new mandatory unisex bathroom policy- which now becomes a bit more understandable as a means by which to appease the social left- perhaps we ought to go out of the way to shop there, at Best Buy, and at other stores which have hitherto done nothing more heinous than support the most basic institution of human society from politically correct mutilation.

But first, Target, let your female customers take care of their bodily functions in peace. 


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