Donald Trump, Scum Magnet

A reminder: a White Supremacist cockroach colony- the American Freedom Party- is backing Donald Trump. In fact, the AFP is making robocalls for him in Wisconsin.

They did the same thing here in Iowa. Readers of this blog may recall that I wrote about it at the time.

They did the same thing in New Hampshire. In fairness, Trump has disavowed the support of unauthorized "SuperPACS" in general, but as far as I know has not disavowed the AFP by name.

Now, no candidate can be held directly responsible for the nutty groups which endorse him or her. But when this kind of vermin is drawn to a candidate like a magnet, as in the case of Il Duce, there has to be a reason and reasonable voters will wonder about it.

Perhaps, just as Trump developed a case of selective amnesia and told us that he wasn't acquainted with the Ku Klux Klan or David Duke, there's a lacuna in the Trumpmeister's memory when it comes to this disgusting group of bigots that has actively supported him throughout his campaign.


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