Donald's Trump's Greatest Hits

I simply don't understand people who vote for this guy. Surely anybody who has even paid attention knows that he's totally ignorant about stuff high school kids need to know in order to pass civics class and couldn't even pass the test to become a U.S. citizen. He has no idea what judges do, or what the Bill of Rights is all about. He's probably the biggest hypocrite to run for president in my lifetime, an emotional infant, a pathological liar, a narcissist, and in general the northernmost end of a southbound horse.

This is the second time today I've ha to apologize for the language in a video, and this time, I can't blame the liberals. But this stuff needs to be out there. Nobody should be able to plead ignorance. I mean, guys, ...  see the picture above. Putting this guy's finger on the button is a hell of a way to vent your anger.

 People need to have their faces rubbed in the truth about this jerk before it's too late. The stakes are....dare I say it? Yuuuuuge.


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