Even the Washington Post

It's really sad when the usually goofy Washington Post has more common sense about America and its role in the world than Republicans like Ron Paul and various other libertarians and paleoconservatives.

The chaos in the international order that would result from our withdrawing from our leadership role in the world would be catastrophic. Not even many of our critics want that. And Paul and the other isolationist zanies to the contrary, even with a the blunders, mistakes and even crimes of which the United States has been guilty over the years, on balance the leadership and the stability it has provided has been so overwhelmingly a force for good that no reasonable person wants us to abandon it, ever if he or she is critical of how it's been used at times.

Maybe WaPo has some residual contact with the real world after all. Not much, mind you, but some. Maybe they can build on that.


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