The rest will do us good

The Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup in alternate years, and this wasn't our year. We lost Game Seven to the St. Louis Blues tonight, 3-2. Seabrook had a shot bounce off BOTH posts in the closing minutes.

C'est la vie, as they say in Montreal. One thing we can count on from Stan Bowman is that he'll fix what's broken over the summer. We didn't have the depth this year we've had in the past. That will change.

I guess turnabout is fair play after the NLDS last Fall. Maybe the Blues will win their first Stanley Cup this year. They've had an excellent team for years but have never managed to get it together. As  a Cubs fan, I can identify. They should have gone deeper into the playoffs years ago. Best of luck to them.

Now I can turn my attention to rooting my Cubs home to their first world championship since 1908 this season, while looking forward to a strengthened, rested, and highly motivated Blackhawks team mounting a drive to take back our Cup next Spring.


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