The spirit of Seven Eleven triumphs in New York

Well, The Donald absolutely crushed the New York primary. No doubt voters were moved by his emotional evocation of Seven Eleven yesterday. No doubt it caused many a Big Gulp among those choking back tears.

I continue to be bemused by the fact that so many people can be so readily taken in by a con artist who may push the right buttons, but when it comes down to it really isn't. all that smart. Even odder is the fact that Trump loyalists remain convinced- despite all the evidence to the contrary- that their man is not only going to win in November but win big.

When he is, in fact, crushed at the polls (assuming that it's he, rather than Ted Cruz, who receives the crushing), no doubt both he and his followers will whine that everybody in the country cheated and conspired against them or something. Hey. A guy who thinks he's entitled to the nomination whether or not he gets the delegates is very likely to think that he's entitled to be elected, too- and to be outraged that the American people might presume to pick somebody else.

But The Donald will not admit to being a loser, no matter how massive his defeat- and I firmly believe that it will, indeed, be massive. If he loses, it must be because he was cheated. Which wouldn't be so scary if so many Republicans didn't agree with him.

At this stage, it remains uncertain, of course, how many delegates Il Duce will get out of the deal; New York allocates its delegates by congressional district. I suppose we'll know in a day or so whether this very much expected result will impact the relative prospects of Trump and of Ted Cruz to be the candidate Hillary squishes in the Fall.

Graphic by DonkeyHotey


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