Trump joins the gender benders

The Trumpmeister, it seems, has joined the clamor for compulsory co-ed bathrooms.

Social conservative. Uh-huh.

Anyway, the left's assault on traditional mores and common sense has chosen its new battleground,  and instead of guns we're going to be hearing the sound of flushing toilets. Punctuated periodically, of course, by the sound of women and girls screaming.

You know, yesterday I had to point out four times in the same thread on Facebook that we who think the North Carolina law is not only not discriminatory but a good idea are not worried about anybody being molested by transgendered people, and certainly not by gays. It's that opening up access to the ladies' room to any and all men is going to make our mothers, wives, sisters, daughters half the time ourselves vulnerable to specifically heterosexual perverts who very definitely identify as men.

But to recognize that fact would require the social revolutionaries to abandon the narrative and stop portraying themselves as fighters for justice and against discrimination. They would have to acknowledge that they just want to change society so that in yet another way false egalitarianism can trump- so to speak- simple common sense.


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