Trumpbots' likely response to Trump's obliteration in November: blame those who tried to stop it!

Somewhere in their heart of hearts, even the Trumpbots know that The Donald is headed for electoral disaster in the Fall.

I asked a while back how they would react when, inevitably, it happens.The likely answer is becoming clearer: by blaming us Never Trumpers for not supporting a candidate we despise, who stands for everything we hate, and whom our consciences simply will not let us support.

That this makes absolutely no sense doesn't matter. But supporting Trump in the first place makes absolutely no sense. Irrational people tend to be irrational, after all.

And of course, none of the blame attaches to those to caused the nomination of an unqualified, mentally unstable and unelectable clown a large part of whose party could not in goog conscience vote for him.

Jonah Goldberg's gloss on all this is, of course, right on target. And so is this article by Ian Tuttle to which he links. In fact, I think it's the most lucid and logical explanation of the inherently irrational phenomenon of Donald Trump I've ever seen. Actually, it's the ONLY such explanation I've ever seen, other than the ugly possibility that I've been looking for an excuse to resist that a plurality of Republican voters consists either blithering idiots or fascist scum, or both.

This isn't about winning. Trumpbots,for the most part, are perfectly willing that the Supreme Court and the Constitution go to hell. They're perfectly willing that Hillary should win, with all that would imply. Or at least those things don't get in the way of their real agenda.

It's all about revenge. It's all about "making heads roll." It's all about "getting even." It's a motif so prominent in the Trump campaign that it's hard to miss. It explains the intolerance of dissent. It explains the assaults on protesters and others. It explains the authoritarian if not totalitarian flavor the whole campaign has.

And when, because of their own blunder, Trump goes down to defeat, they will not blame themselves for acting stupidly in supporting them.

They will blame the same people whom they beat up. They will blame the same people they seem to be filled with such a thirst for vengeance against, They will blame those with whom they are angry. It's what they do. It's what defines them. It's' what both Trump's campaign and its ugly appeal are finally all about.

This is the Kingdom of the Left Hand, so I will respond in Law rather than Gospel terms: they are right about one thing: the guillotine does need to come out after the election. But the guest of honor needs to be those who supported Trump and are unwilling to recognize their mistake. It's the only decent people will ever be able to call themselves Republicans again without feeling like they should take a shower.


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