ABC News- Washington Post poll: Clinton 37, Trump 35, Romney 22

An ABC News-Washington Post poll indicates that a conservative third party bid by Mitt Romney would not be as hopeless as we're being encouraged to believe.

The poll shows Hillary Clinton with 37% to 35% for Il Duce and 22% for Romney.

Given the dissatisfaction of the electorate with the Clinton/Trump choice and the prospect of being exposed to both of them over the next several months, Romney is going to look awfully good. And for a third party candidate for whom little groundwork has been laid, fifteen points is by no means an impossible deficit to overcome.

Bottom line: given a choice between Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Mitt Romney, Romney- who would have by far the lowest negatives of the three- would also be the only one likely to come across as a credible president.

This is doable.