Curt Schilling is non-person, comrade. Long live glorious ESPN!

And speaking of fascism, mind control, and all that good stuff, ESPN- which recently fired Curt Schilling as a commentator for observing that there are no urinals in women's restrooms- has edited Schilling out of a "30 for 30" documentary about the 2004 World Champion Red Sox.

This has passed from the realm of heavy-handed, intolerant political correctness into that of the utterly bizarre. Babe Ruth was an alcoholic. Ty Cobb used to go wild with rage, and once leaped into the stands and beat up a wheelchair-bound fan who had been tormenting him. The 1919 White Sox colluded with gamblers and threw the World Series. Pete Rose bet on baseball games in which his own team was participating. The list of reckless, irresponsible, immoral, and downright reprehensible things major league baseball players have done without being made into nonpersons by ESPN is longer than a 40-inning ballgame. And Schilling is edited out of a documentary about an event in which he played a key role because he thinks that men shouldn't be allowed to do their business in the ladies' room?

Tellingly, the Washington Post doesn't think ESPN's reprehensible behavior is the story. It thinks that Schilling's reaction to it is!

What is happening to this country, anyway? I think it's time ESPN was added to Target and Mozilla in the conservative "do not go" zone.

The politicization of baseball history is beyond inexcusable. It is beyond reprehensible.

Ir is absolutely un-American.


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